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Democracy isn't really democracy. No matter what a leader says there will always be large groups of people who disagree with them. What we need is more dictators, then people wouldn't have the choice of arguements, no arguements means no war. Here is a homage to the dictators of the past.


Joseph Stalin:
One of the most influencial men in history. Took power of the communist USSR after he disposed of Vladimir Lenin. Help defeat Nazi germany in world war II. Also started the cold war which kept the world in a nuclear weapons stand off for 50 years.


Slobodan Milosevic:
"it's the fear of those who fear you."  and it doesn't take a genius to use this fear in the way Milosevic did.
He started the Bosnia and Kosovo conflict in the 90s but his handling of the latter proved that his image in the west was exaggerated to say the least. Since arrested on the charge of war crimes


Connel Quadafi:
Overthrew Libyan monarchy. Gave financial and military aid to islamic terrorist and guerrilla organisations across the world and hence UN sanctions were imposed. Libya invaded Chad and came into possesion of rich oil supplies. Further sanctions were placed on Libya after he refused to hand over libyan terrorists suspected of the Lockerby bombing in 1992.


Pol Pot:
Came into power as the leader of Cambodia's Khmer rouge party. He ruled ruthlessly killing 2,000,000 cambodian people from '75-'79 until he was diposed during a Vietnamese invasion. He fled to Thailand and set up military outposts and a bloody war proceeded through to '96. In '97 pot was arrested and died of a heart attack before he could stand trial in '98.


Remember kids, dictatorships are bad.....nah, only joking, when you are older you can be Hitler.


Augusto Pinochet:
Leader of the military junta that overthrew the Marxist government of President  Salvador Allende of Chile on Sept. 11, 1973. He subsequently headed Chile's military government.  Ruled over a bloody leftist government for 16 years disobeying international trade laws throughout his reign.


Saddam Hussien:
Led his country in confronting the aggression launched by 33 countries led by the US that waged war against Iraq. The Iraqis' confrontation that is called by Arabs and Iraqis 'The Mother of all Battles' (Um Al-Maarik), is where Iraq stood strong against the invasion, maintaining its sovereignty and political system.


Fidel Castro:
Began guerilla warfare in the cuban hills and marched triumphantly into Havana in 1959 as the cuban leader. Castro struck a deal with the USSR during the cold war and russian nuclear weapons were set up on cuba pointed at the US. A stand off insued which later was solve but Cuba became ever more dependant on the USSR and when communism in russia collapsed Cuba fell into a reccesion.